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'Everyday Heroes' (February '20)

Inspired by Taus Makhacheva's exhibition 'Hold Your Horses', using upcycled materials participants created a model of a Superhero. Exploring the idea of the Everyday Hero and how we can all be one, by joining the fight against the climate crisis and showing how recycling can be used creatively.

Family workshop for children ages 4-12.

'Build a Bird' (November '19)

Inspired by Flamingoes by Joan Moore, part of the exhibition James N Hutchinson: Untitled, families were invited to make their very own bird using recycled cans and other materials.

workshop for children ages 4-12.

'Saree Den Building' (February '19)

Inspired by themes in Kannan Arunasalam: The Tent, families were encouraged to work together, as well as with other families to build a tent from the variety of materials available, some of which were inspired by Sri Lankan culture. Also as part of the workshop there was a large sheet of fabric to be decorated collaboratively by all participants.

Workshop for children ages 4-12.


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