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Pyramid of Arts is a Leeds-based arts collective who invest in people with a learning disability through the discovery, development and disruption of the arts. Their goal is to help people with a learning disability to discover the arts, and to develop their talents to become world-class artists. They also disrupt the social and institutional barriers that prevent them from being recognised, supported and celebrated, through collaborative art groups, including a programme for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Below are some of the projects I have had the privilege to be involved with;


Legends Totem Pole
(January-March '22)


For the spring term, I worked with the Legends Group to create a Totem Pole as a starting point for the Pyramid Garden. Behind the Pyramid studios is a yard and the hope was that this sculpture would create a snowball effect to get the artwork created for the space, in order to make it pleasant so it can be enjoyed in the summer months, which it succeeded in doing.

Sea, Sand and Land
September-October '23)

In light of Covid, a new group was set up to allow members, who were able to return to the studio, to come back and have the space to be creative. Inspired by artists like Hokusai and Motoi Yamamoto, along with our seaside memories, we explored the theme of Sand, Sea and Land through paint, collage and sensory exploration.

Exploration of YSI
April - June ')

Aspart of Yorkshire Sculpture International, the Eden group were invited to explore the four galleries involved in the festival (The Hepworth, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Art Gallery). They then created a miniature gallery and large metal artwork to be exhibited as part of the fringe festival. 

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