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Mark Making

Mark Making is a workshop that explores drawing with a variety of mediums; charcoal, chalk, ink, graphite etc. A range of themes and artists can be explored to suit your classes/curriculum needs.

Previous projects;


Drawing Bones
Shakespeare Primary School, Leeds
(November '21)
Year 3
A workshop intended to introduce their new topic of Bones, as well as looking at and using materials Da Vinci used in his studies. The children explored mark making and produced studies in charcoal, chalk and ink. Plus, thanks to the generosity of Sheffield Museums, I was able to take real life bones for the children to look at up close and be hands on with. 


Large Scale Mark Making
A series of approaches allowing the children to explore mark making and experimental drawing with charcoal, pastels, chalk and paint. The children discovered new drawing mediums and techniques, whilst challenging themselves to drawing sounds, movement and without looking.
(School holiday club for children aged 4-13)


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