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Artist in Residence

I have previously worked in Primary Schools on Artist in Residency art projects...

Previous projects;


Norfolk Community Primary School, Sheffield
'Togetherness Table' Sculpture
An 8 week project
April - June '23
Commissioned by the headteacher to work with 15 Year 5 pupils to create a sculpture for the playground, that reflected on life after the pandemic.
The children decided that the most important thing for them was being able to come back to school and be together with friends.


Pipworth Community Primary School, Sheffield
'School Values' Sculpture
A 6 week project
February - March '22

Commissioned by the headteacher to work with 20 selected KS2 pupils to create a sculpture that represented the school values; Aspiration, Community, Respect, Teamwork, Courage, Determination, Equality and Honesty. The sculpture was designed collaboratively by the pupils, through exploration and experimentation with different materials including; plastercine, modroc, recycled materials and woodwork.

Prince Edward Primary School, Sheffield
'Faces' Project
A 6 week project
April - May '23

Commissioned by the headteacher to work with all FS2 pupils to explore their faces; features, colours and form. They did this through a range of mediums; paint, collage, clay, nature and print.

"Beatrice worked with our pupils at our school on a School Values project, working with pupils from Y1 to Y6. From the planning process to displaying our sculpture, we were impressed by Beatrice’s organisation, adaptability, teaching and resourcing. Her communication was clear and timely, she left us with a photographic project book which explained the project and is proudly displayed with our art work."

Headteacher, Pipworth Community Primary School

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